Spiritual Medium

One2one private readings available. I work from venues around the UK 

When I hear your voice, I connect with my monk guide and work with him mainly by clairsentience sense. 

This is where I "feel" the information through on occasions he also works with me with other senses to bring through the information. 

I don't use any divination tools of tarot cards or rune stones for guidance. 


During your reading I only want to hear your voice of yes or no or can you tell me more info? 

As this will help with the connection and the communication flow. 

Please don't tell me anything about you or the person/s you want to hear from in spirit before your reading, 

I like to work by not knowing anything before hand.


I can not guarantee that the person/s you want to hear from will connect, 

as it's up to the spirit person choice.


If you’re interested in booking a One2One reading email for further information.


Reading time 45 mins to hour approx -  £30